5 song tape ~ Fall 2014

by Omega Boys

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Pauper's Grave
If Ya Don't Know
Don't Rock the Boat

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered
by Bob Quirk
at Ground Up Studios
June/July 2014



released September 19, 2014



all rights reserved


Omega Boys Richmond, Virginia


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Track Name: Omega Boys

The evidence there in your hand
still you fail to understand
The proof is now in plain view
but there's no getting through to you

Got you in a fix

They say it's best to beware
the fires wait for those who dare
Tell you don't even need to know
cause somebody's book told them so

Got you in a fix


Fingers crossed, for a brighter future on it's way
Fingers crossed, believing all that shit that they say

Nailed to their debt and bled till you're dry
Your petty wage skinning the flea for it's hide
Inflation mandate and nothing to save
Choking down these taxes, waiting on a pauper's grave

Momma made half, you know that's what they used to say
Poppa made half, they take a little more these days


You're talking big talk, they're talking change
but ain't it funny whose still back behind the stage
You're talking big talk, they're talking free
but it ain't funny you can't face reality

Is there no other route?
cause I don't think they're trying to work it out
And as the crimes go by
You shake your head-You'll give 'em one more try

Still talking big talk? You're out of luck
You've lost you're mind now if you think they give a fuck
Still talking big talk? Showed you the way?
They got you fucking fooled kids, what can I say?

You used to scream about the man
But here you are, too blind to see the plan
They used to talk some hardcore
Now all they wanna know, is who the fuck you're voting for

And if you don't know, we hope you find out real soon
And if you don't know, what can I say?


Just watch your step- don't want to upset all the rest
Just watch your step now, and please don't take it all in jest.

Cause if you wanna make some noise
It might be better if ya don't
You got a feeling that you might
They're betting on it that you won't

You've got some shit you'd like to say?
Well take heed son, they've got a game for you to play

Cause if you dare to speak your mind
Awoken by that sour note
They beg please get back in line
No don't you rock the fucking boat

Cause if you dare to speak your mind
It might be better if ya don't
No there's no need for all that noise
No don't you rock the fucking boat


Everybody's got something to say
Doesn't mean you gotta listen
Everybody's busy running away
Everybody's fucking kidding

If you can
could you pick yourself up?
If you can't, where do you go now?

So busy running away